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Samuel James ·

Hi, I’m Samuel, a Backend Engineer who loves building applications that remarkably change people’s lives. I have a long history of transforming unproductive teams into productive teams that deliver on time. Besides development role, I enjoy teaching and helping developers grasp new technology and concepts. You will find me writing about code on major developers’ websites and on my personal blog.

My software development experience spans various industries like FinTech, EduTech, and PropTech. I code in Python, PHP, JavaScript, and of course, provision resources with Terraform. I run primarily on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and sometimes on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

At the moment, I work at Architrave GMBH where we use machine learning to bring order to chaotic jumble of documents in real estate.

Other Skills: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Docker, PyTorch, MachineLearning, ComputerVision

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