Production-apps Checklists

As a self-taught, I struggled with many things at the beginning of my career. I remembered asking why my changes always break my code. “What do other engineers do that prevent them from introducing breaking changes when adapting a software?”, I asked. Later I figured I needed to write tests...

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A gentle guide to message queues

The word “queue” is used everywhere. It has all kinds of meanings in the real world and even in the world of software development.

Last night, a friend pulled me aside and whispered, “Why do you hate queues so much?” I stared at him for a while and blurted, “Why...

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What Is Serverless Architecture and When Should You Use It?

Cloud computing is constantly evolving, from bare-metal to container technologies. The latest trend in this process is the serverless (Function as a Service, or FaaS) computing model. According to Techbeacon, serverless has an annual growth rate of 75%, making it the fastest growing cloud service model. So, serverless architecture...

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