How to get good at giving feedback

When we touch a hot stove, we quickly remove our hands and learn never to touch it again when it’s hot.

We all learn through feedback, from the searing pain of a hot stove to the warm praise of a job well done. It’s the cornerstone...

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How to Onboard Engineers as a Hiring Manager

While every organization has its own way of onboarding engineers, there are few elements that will make any engineering onboarding effective. In this post, I share thoughts I have adopted that govern how I onboard engineers into my teams.

Engineering onboarding entails communicating your company’s expectations, such as technical, process,...

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A Guide to Creating API Products

API Products

Building a good Application Programming Interface (API) is more than returning responses. Being a developer and having integrated with tons of APIs, I have noticed a pattern between successful API products and those that are not. It’s about solving problems with great affordance. One might...

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Choosing the Right Cloud Provider – Containers

Prior to container technology, making applications run on different environments was one of the greatest struggles for a developer. “It runs on my machine” was a common frustration you heard from engineers—including me, many times.

Like numerous engineers, I’ve built a working code on my machine that refused to then...

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What People Don’t Understand About DevOps

I was scrolling carelessly on Reddit a few days ago when I saw a thread on buzzwords that made me pause for a few seconds. In truth, buzzwords are powerful. They tend to express ideas and concepts in one word that are usually more popular than the core ideas they...

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